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CWS Work Histories - Government Buildings

Connecticut State Legislative Office Building Renovation
In order keep costs down and disruptions to a minimum, Commercial Window Shield employed alternative attachment and installation methods in the renovation of this Hartford property.
window film installation at Dennis Chavez Federal Building
In a glass protection project for sun and security, Commercial Window Shield installed solar security film on 624 windows in this prominent 13-story building in Albuquerque.
Denver Mint - Security window film project
A potential target of demonstrations at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, the Denver Mint became a fast-tract security window film installation project for Commercial Window Shield. Other projects had to be delayed to allow this work to be completed on time.
Edwards Air Force Base - fragment retention film project
As the originator of America's first jet powered flight as well as numerous other landmark events in aviation, Edwards Air Force Base has been at the forefront of flight innovation for more than fifty years.
 George R. Brown Convention Center - Fragment retention film installation
Recent hurricanes have caused havoc in the Southwest. As a result, Houston officials moved to protect its popular convention center, where Commercial Window Shield installed 56,000 square feet of fragment retention film on more than 2,500 windows.
 Grand Central Terminal window restoration and security film installation
Under a tight deadline and challenging conditions, Commercial Window Shield completed a two-phase window restoration and security film installation project at one of the world’s most recognizable – and busiest – buildings.
Blast and hurricane mitigation window film installation
Commercial Window Shield installed blast and hurricane mitigation window film with solar control properties to the exterior windows of the Metropolitan Transit Authority in Houston.
J. Edgar Hoover FBI Headquarters Fragment retention window films installation
J. Edgar Hoover FBI headquarters in Washington became the first prominent government building to call for the installation of fragment retention film on its windows. Commercial Window Shield was hired to carry out this significant project.
Fragment retention films installation -  Nuclear Regulatory Commission Headquart
A post-9/11, high-security project that called for not only superior expertise but a flexible schedule, Commercial Window Shield installed fragment retention film on 3,567 windows in the NRC’s busy twin towers.
 Fragment Retention Films installation at O’Hare International Airport
At one of the world’s busiest and most famous airport terminals, Commercial Window Shield was contracted to protect an extensive amount of glass while overcoming numerous obstacles and working under difficult constraints.
Fragment Retention Window Films Installation Pentagon
The Pentagon hired Commercial Window Shield to protect its windows. Two years later, on 9/11, scores of lives were saved after an airliner piloted by terrorists crashed into one iof the world’s most recognizable buildings.
Fragment Retention Window films installation at  Pentagon Force Protection Agenc
Commercial Window Shield installed fragment retention film on nearly 17,000 glass panes at 14 Pentagon Force Protection Agency buildings in the Washington area.
Fragment Retention window films installation at Library of Congress
In the days following 9/11, Commercial Window Shield was chosen in a bid process to install fragment retention film on one of the world’s most important and recognizable buildings under an extreme deadline.
Fragment Retention window films installation at U.S. Department of Energy
Using both attachment and wet-glazed systems, Commercial Window Shield attached fragment retention film to nearly 4,000 glass panes at this prestigious Washington building – headquarters for DOE.
Windows protection project university of Florida
With hurricanes a threat and terrorist acts always a concern, the city of Jacksonville turned to Commercial Window Shield to protect one of the most important hospitals in the Southeast.
Fragment retention films installtion at Veterans Administration
In 24 days, Commercial Window Shield installed fragment retention on every window of Veterans Affairs headquarters, near the White House. The project was awarded to the company shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attack on Washington.